Second-hand shop MONOCOCO

Monococo is a recycle shop that is very friendly to the environment.

Our business started as a handyman, who collects disused articles, cleans up the belongings of the dead, cuts grass, removes snow, etc. When Mr.Minato, our president worked at the site, he was shocked with the amount of garbage that was thrown away everyday. Many articles were abandoned even though they were still useful. Mr.Minato decided to buy them and sell them through internet and at the recycle shop. Second-hand shop Monococo was originated like this.

Monococo has two branches in Sapporo and another one in Thailand where we export products that are difficult to be sold in Japan to reduce the amount of products being wasted. Monococo Maruyama branch is a large-scaled shop which is well located in Kita-Maruyama area, not far from the center of Sapporo.


<Beloved shop by buyers from many countries> Monococo is a shop in Sapporo Hokkaido, where the buyers from world-wide buy good quality second-hand goods. Kimono and Japanese traditional ornaments are very popular among the buyers. Ceramic table ware, for example Kutani and Arita, are also popular. We have a lot of stock of Japanese antique goods as well. We don’t always have a clerk who speaks English fluently, so please let us know the date and time you will visit from the link below if needed. We are able to handle the export by ship and air, payment by paypal. Table wares which are popular world-wide Crockery…Kutani(九谷) Arita(有田) Okura China(大蔵陶園) Fukagawa Seiji(深川製磁) Koransha(香蘭社) Satsuma(薩摩焼) Pottery…Hagi(萩焼) Shino(志野焼) Shigaraki(信楽焼) Bizen(備前焼) Otaru(小樽焼) Kobushi(こぶし焼) Mashiko(益子焼) Others…Lacquer ware Tin <Tourist Attractions> Second-hand shop Monococo is popular among tourists from world-wide because you can buy traditional Japanese goods for cheap price. It is located in Maruyama area in Sapporo, the most stylish and high class residential section in Hokkaido. There are also other tourist spots such as Hokkaido shrine, Sapporo Jogai Ichiba, etc., so it is very convenient for sightseeing. The shop owner is a sightseeing ambassador of Sapporo. You may get official discount tickets for tourist attractions in Sapporo if you see him. Bellow is the Japanese pronunciation of the address of our shop in case you come to our shop by taxi. Kita roku-jo nishi nijuu san chome ichi no yon

Is is popular not only among Japanese people but the foreign residents and tourists as well.

Our shop has a large number of goods which makes this shop different from other recycle shops.


All products are categorized when putting them on display so it is easy to find the product you are looking for even though we have a large amount of goods. We have cheap goods in good condition.

On the first floor, we have electric appliances, toys, clothes, kitchen utensils, tableware, sports goods, general goods, etc. We also have brand bags, clothes, and watches. Especially in the table ware corner, we have the best assortment in Japan.



Our featured product on first floor is Kimono. If you want to try Japanese traditional style Kimono, just come and find your favorite one. We have many kinds of Kimono in various colours.


On the second floor, we have two big corners. One is furniture and interior corner, and the other is retro goods corner.

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The retro goods corner is popular to both Japanese customers and foreign customers. As you stand in this corner, you can look back on the good old days. You can enjoy recalling your memory of childhood, imagining the history of the goods in this corner. At this shop, you can not only shop, but study Japanese life and culture from looking at these goods from old days to modern days.



We also have rental service. You can use bicycle, outfit for cold weather, etc. for as long as you need with reasonable price.




The way to our shop is really easy: take subway Tozai line and get off at Nishi 28chome station. Walk for 10 minutes from Exit 1.

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We always have new products every time you come!

Our overseas branch is located in Hangdong district of Chiangmai, Thailand. If you live in Thailand or will be traveling there, please come visit Monococo Chiangmai.